Free Workshop:

Exploiting Optimization in Multi-Period Planning Models

by LINDO Systems

INFORMS Las Vegas Pre-Conference Workshop
Sunday, 2 April 2017, 1 PM to 2:45 PM

Location: Caesars Palace, Trevi Room

Las Vegas, NV


LINDO Systems will be hosting a workshop on

 Exploiting Powerful New Capabilities for Building Optimization Based Multi-Period Planning Systems

at the upcoming INFORMS conference in Las Vegas, NV.

This workshop is open to the public at no charge.

The workshop will cover two topics: 1) Powerful new features in the latest releases of LINDO optimization products, and 2) Building optimization based multi-period planning systems.

   1)  The new features include:  Performance improvements:  Expanded “Symmetry Killing” for integer programs. The Global solver has substantially improved performance on a variety of model types, including: heat exchanger network design models, financial portfolio problems with constraints on either the minimum bought of a stock, or the total number of stocks bought. The NLP solver has improved performance on large sparse models. Expanded Matrix commands: matrix multiplication, transpose, inverse, eigenvalues, QR factorization,  regression, data frame handling, etc.  New Graphs/Charts:   Space-Time diagrams and more. New constraint types recognized to simplify model expression. Expanded capabilities for managing scenarios.


 2) Multi-period planning is concerned with decision-making over time, ranging from one day ahead in managing a collection of electrical generation units, to 50 years ahead if managing a set of oil fields, a forest, or a set of mines. We will provide an introduction to the variety of applications, what is special or complicating about each class of problems, and what works and what does not, with examples of solution experience using LINDO Systems optimization software.


Applications areas considered are:

  • Resource extraction, e.g., Mining and Petroleum where a complicating factor is that the production rate and the cost per unit extracted changes depending upon the stage;
  • Crop/Forest Planning, where the interesting features are the long planning horizon and the decision of when to harvest, given an age related growth rate, and perhaps interactions between species;
  • Electricity Generation unit commitment, where interesting features are start-up and shut-down costs, and output rate related efficiencies as with hydro;
  • Workforce staffing, especially in the health industry;
  • Scheduling & Sequencing, e.g., machine scheduling, tank scheduling, pipeline scheduling, where the interesting complications are precedence constraints among tasks, due dates, ready times, and more.


Free Software Drawing
All attendees of the workshop will be entered into a drawing to win a single user perpetual license of Hyper LINGO, Professional What’sBest! or Hyper LINDO API. The drawing will be held during the workshop.

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Register for the workshop by the March 26st and receive a complimentary copy of Optimization Modeling with LINGO. This modeling text by Linus Schrage can help you to become a better modeler. It’s a comprehensive guide to applying the power of optimization to problems of business, industry and government.

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