Free Workshop:

New Capabilities for Building Optimization Based Planning Systems

by LINDO Systems


INFORMS Houston Pre-Conference Workshop
Saturday, 21 October 2017, 4 pm – 6:30 pm


Rm 340A

George R. Brown Convention Center & Hilton Americas Houston

Houston, TX


LINDO Systems will be hosting a workshop on

 Powerful New Capabilities for Building Optimization Based Planning Systems

This workshop is open to the public at no charge.

Building the ideal planning system that includes optimization requires features beyond a high-performance optimizer/solver. The just-released versions of LINGO and What’sBest! not only have significant improvements in their Mixed Integer and Global solvers, but also many additional features useful in building a comprehensive planning system. We will show you how to take advantage of them using a variety of applications:


  •       Blending: petroleum, feed, and metals industries.
  •       Supply chain design, Purchasing in multiple industries.
  •       Cutting stock: paper, metals, and clothing industries.
  •       Financial Portfolio models of all sorts: cardinality and min-buy constraints, Value-at-risk.
  •       Electric Power:  Nonlinear Optimal Power Flow, and Hydro/Generator Scheduling/unit commitment.
  •      Auction and market clearing: electric power and gas distribution, class scheduling. 
  •      Advertising and Marketing: Media selection, Sales territory realignment, Sales call planning,
      Revenue/booking limits Management, Overbooking limits, Bundle Pricing,
      Credit scoring  and Classification, Shelf space allocation.
  •      Staff scheduling: Call center management, health and maintenance personnel management.
  •      Planning under uncertainty: financial planning, fuel purchasing, and the auto industry.
  •      Resource extraction long range planning: mining and petroleum production.


   New features highlighted:

  •         Expanded capabilities for interfacing with data sources.
  •         Exploitation of Symmetry and faster solution of hard integer programs.
  •         Scenario handling, K-best, parametrics for all model types
  •         Debugging commands for all model types,
  •         Positive-Definiteness command for estimating covariance matrices,
  •         Cholesky factorization and Monte Carlo simulation,
  •         Eigenvalue computations and population models,
  •         Conic solver and Value-at-Risk and Sharpe Ratio financial portfolios,
  •         Global solver for engineering design problems,
  •         Linearization: ability to solve nonsmooth nonlinear models as fast as linear models.
  •         Graphing/Charting
  •         Program/Scripting for solving multi-model systems


Unrestricted Capacity Trial Software Provided:
Attendees of the workshop will learn large-scale
optimization modeling and receive two month trial versions of the following software packages:

  • LINGO – An efficient modeling language and interactive environment with extensive programming and output formatting capabilities.
  • What’sBest! -- A powerful reliable add-in for large scale modeling within Excel spreadsheets.
  • LINDO API – For custom applications, a fast, reliable, large scale comprehensive optimizer engine with a single interface for all problem types: LP, QP, SOC, SDP, NLP, IP, Global, Stochastic.


Free Software Drawing
All attendees of the workshop will be entered into a drawing to win a single user perpetual license of Hyper LINGO, Professional What’sBest! or Hyper LINDO API. The drawing will be held during the workshop.

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A limited number of complimentary copies of the text Optimization Modeling with LINGO are available to early registrants. This modeling text by Linus Schrage can help you to become a better modeler. It’s a comprehensive guide to applying the power of optimization to problems of business, industry and government.

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There will be an additional tutorial on LINDO software at the Houston INFORMS conference:
Time:  Monday, October 23, 1:30-2:15
Location: Rm 380A