Optimization Modeling with LINDO

New Expanded Fifth Edition

You may have already built a few successful optimization models. However, with a more thorough understanding of the optimization modeling and a deeper knowledge of how it can be applied, you may find that you have only scratched the surface. Optimization Modeling with LINDO, by Linus Schrage can help you gain the knowledge and understanding to discover and build new applications and make existing models more efficient.

Earlier editions have been used as a textbook in numerous college and graduate courses and as a reference text by thousands of practitioners in building commercial applications. Even more than in previous editions, the emphasis of the new fifth edition is on teaching novices and experts alike how to apply linear programming and related planning techniques to real problems of business and industry.

Weighing in at over 600 pages, Optimization Modeling with LINDO contains in-depth discussion on all major classes of optimization problems, and it includes what may be the most exhaustive group of real world based examples of any text on linear, integer and quadratic programming. While the examples are expressed in LINDO format, the modeling principles and techniques can be applied to LINGO and What’sBest! models.

Nearly every chapter has new examples and exercise problems, and a number of chapters have received more extensive expansion. Substantial new material has been added to the chapters on:

Networks and their variations, ranging from special cases such as the assignment problem to generalizations such as multicommodity flow, generalized networks, activity-resource diagrams,
Goal programming, multi-criteria, data envelopment analysis and other methods for measuring efficiency: A very comprehensive treatment of methods for measuring efficiency of organizations is given with numerical examples,
Financial portfolio models and quadratic programming: A comprehensive sequence of numerical examples is given illustrating the simple Markowitz portfolio model, the factor model, scenario approach, managing a portfolio in the face of transaction costs, hedging and matching benchmark portfolios,
Decision making under uncertainty: Examples are given illustrating the scenario approach and concepts such as the value of information, the value of modeling uncertainty, utility functions and downside risk, and certainty equivalence,
Integer programming: more examples have been added, as well as some discussion on the great importance of proper formulation when solving integer programs.

Make room on your shelf for one of the most comprehensive expositions available on how to apply optimization/mathematical programming to business and industrial problems. It is to be published by Duxbury Press and now available. Information for ordering can be found on the order page of this website.

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