Day in and day out, LINDO Systems mathematical optimization solvers provide critical answers to thousands of businesses around the world. Now, our three most popular packages have been bundled together to give you the most powerful and comprehensive set of tools for learning and applying mathematical programming.

LINDO API - Premier Optimization Engine
The LINDO API allows application developers to easily create customized programs that call LINDO's fast set of linear and integer solvers. It includes dozens of routines to formulate, solve, query, and modify optimization problems and gives the user access to greater speed and algorithmic control than any other product offered by LINDO.

LINGO - Modeling Environment and Solver
LINGO combines a full featured modeling environment with a set of solvers for linear, integer, and nonlinear models. Beginning modelers will appreciate the easy, natural style of model expression and the comfortable Windows interface. Power modelers will love the option to use the advanced modeling language, library of mathematical functions, and the ability to read data from spreadsheets, databases, and external files. LINGO even comes with a DLL, which can be called from your own application.

What'sBest! - The Spreadsheet Solver
What'sBest! solves linear, nonlinear, and integer models in today's most popular tool for modeling business problems--the spreadsheet. What'sBest! is a natural extension of Microsoft Excel, allowing spreadsheet users to begin optimization modeling almost immediately. Models are easy to build and understand in a free form layout using standard spreadsheet equations.

LINDO - Classic Solver
Educational licenses for the Solver Suite include LINDO 6.1. Classic LINDO's simple interface and straightforward model expression style have made it a standard for introducing students to linear and integer programming.


All LINDO products come with a 60 day no questions asked, money-back guarantee.



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