Energy Industry Plugs into What'sBest! and LINDO

Power Ink of the UK and global roam of Australia have used LINGO to tap in to the increasingly complex energy industry. Ben Vanderwaal, Senior Software Engineer for global roam stated, "[LINDO] was selected for its particular attention to run-time license agreements, and its capability for easy upgrading to support large models. LINDO Systems also gave the most feedback from sales staff during the search for the best LP engine, as well as provided a comprehensive website and excellent demonstration version." For more information, see the full article.

Cutting Costs on the Continuous Caster

Recognizing an optimization opportunity, MSA Process Automation Solutions and Services (MSA PASS) of Pittsburgh developed the award winning Cut Optimization application that enables steel producers to reduce scrap and increase the yield of prime salable product by automatically adjusting the planned continuous caster cuts as defects are detected by a quality tracking system. The Cut Optimization product calls the LINDO solver, which is able to typically solve the model in seconds--compared to alternatives tested by MSA PASS that required minutes. For more information, see the full article.

LINGO Takes Sole Responsibility

An international group of five shoe manufacturers sponsored SATRA, a UK based research organization, to come up with ways to better solve their shoe mold allocation problems. The result was an application that uses Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) within Excel and the LINGO DLL to create shoe mold allocation schedules, which could take a planner up to four hours to prepare, in a matter of three to five minutes. For more information, see the full article.

Focus on Problem Solving

A New Slant on Teaching Management Science

Bob Nydick and Matt Liberatore are educators with a mission. As Liberatore states it, "We have to empower students to identify, model and solve practical business problems themselves." With that in mind, the two Villanova Buisness school professors have set out to radically change the way introductory management science is taught to today's MBAs. See the full article to learn more about their methods.

Ready or Not Year 2000 Compliance

The approach of the new millennium has spawned predictions that range from a global apocalypse to the arrival of the mother ship. However, based on the number of letters, faxes, e-mails and phone calls we get regarding Year 2000 compliance, it is clear that some of you have more practical concerns. Our users can rest easy. Click here for more details.

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