Spreadsheet Modeling Insight

Insight.xla, a new book and software bundle, endeavors to teach a variety of quantitative analysis techniques using spreadsheet based examples and tutorials. Insight.xla, by Sam Savage, includes a set of six Excel add-ins including a limited capacity version of What'sBest!.

Of the eight chapters in the 294 page book, two are dedicated to optimization topics. The chapters cover linear, integer and nonlinear modeling interspersing the discussion with a number of What'sBest! models. Other chapters discuss Monte Carlo simulation, decision trees, queuing simulation, Markov chains, and forecasting. Each topic includes spreadsheet based examples that utilize one of the other five Excel add-ins included in the package.


In the March 2, 1998 issue of PC WEEK, columnist Bill Machrone discussed Savage's latest package, "It makes me realize how much more I could be doing with modeling, projections, optimizations and goal seeking."

Savage currently teaches at Stanford University and also leads workshops and industry seminars around the country on Management Science in Spreadsheets, and Risk Management and Financial Engineering. To learn more about Insight.xla and Savage's seminars point your internet browser to http://www.analycorp.com/.


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