High-Tech Tools for Financial Analysis

In order to provide their clients with expert financial advice backed by state of the art analysis, more and more financial professionals are relying on their PCs. If you are a financial or investment advisor, CPA or banker not yet using PC based software for analysis, a new book titled The Financial Advisor's Analytical Toolbox: Using Technology to Optimize Client Solutions can help bring you up to speed. The book, by Ed McCarthy, discusses tools and techniques you can use to help maximize your client's wealth.

The book contains a chapter dedicated to financial optimization applications and discusses What'sBest! at some length. Some of the examples discussed in the chapter are from sample models covered in the What'sBest! manual. Among the other topics covered in the book are simulation, expert systems, neural networks, forecasting, and fuzzy numbers. Each chapter teaches you how to apply a particular technique or tool and exactly when it is appropriate.

The Financial Advisor's Analytical Toolbox, co-published by the International Association for Financial Planning and McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, can be ordered on-line via Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

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