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Optimization Modeling with LINGO, a new textbook by Linus Schrage, can help you to become a better modeler. It's a comprehensive guide to applying the power of optimization to problems of business, industry and government.

All major classes of optimization are thoroughly discussed. Perhaps the book's most useful feature is its liberal use of examples to illustrate each application and modeling concept. Much like the popular Optimization Modeling with LINDO, the new LINGO text includes one of the most exhaustive set of examples ever compiled for any similar modeling text. The discussion and examples are designed to teach you the modeling techniques you need to tackle your toughest problems.

The text contains information that will appeal to a broad spectrum of modelers. For the modeling novice, the book provides chapters that introduce basic mathematical programming concepts, examine the modeling process, explain how to analyze solutions, and discuss the intricacies of designing and implementing optimization-based decision support systems.

More advanced modelers will appreciate the ability to pick and choose from the variety of chapters dedicated to applying optimization techniques to specific applications. The new LINGO text is patterned after Optimization Modeling with LINDO, now in its Fifth Edition, used in numerous college and graduate courses. While Optimization Modeling with LINGO discusses many of the same topics, it includes additional material to help you take advantage of some of the features unique to LINGO.

LINGO supports set or vector based models that use summations and subscripted variables that allow you to express large models in a compact, efficient manner. The LINGO text details the benefits of set based modeling and the example problems are formulated to exploit this powerful feature. The LINGO text also covers a broader range of applications given LINGO's ability to solve general nonlinear models. This is especially true of the chapters dedicated to inventory management and portfolio optimization that include several nonlinear applications.

In-depth discussion and an extensive list of real world based examples make Optimization Modeling with LINGO an excellent resource for both modeling novices and experts alike. While the examples are all expressed in LINGO format, the modeling concepts discussed can be applied to models built using other packages like LINDO and What'sBest!.

Optimization Modeling with LINGO includes a copy of the 250 constraint by 500 variable version of LINGO. They are going fast, so order your copy today. Optimization Modeling with LINGO is also included with the purchase of Super or larger versions of the LINGO software. University professors interested in evaluating the text for classroom use should contact LINDO Systems.

To download Optimization Modeling with LINGO by Linus Schrage click here.

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