LINDO API 7.0 includes several solver enhancements and support for new probability functions.

Stochastic Solver Improvements Include:

  • Extended API functionality to support Chance-Constrained Programs (CCP).

  • Improved methods to induce correlations among stochastic parameters.

LP Solver Improvements Include:

  • Sprint option to efficiently solve "skinny" LP's, having millions of variables.

MIP Solver Improvements Include:

  • Significant improvements in heuristics for quickly finding good integer solutions.

  • Improved identification of special structures, as in multi-period models, and exploit to achieve significant reductions in solve times.

Global Solver Improvements Include:

  • Improved heuristics for finding a good feasible solution quickly.

  • User can identify a constraint as being convex, if the global solver might not otherwise be able to identify it as convex. This can speed up proof of global optimality.

  • Improved ability to identify constraints that can reformulated as second order cone (SOC) constraints and thus be solved by fast SOC solver.

Other Solvers, Math Library and Utilities

  • More than two dozen new math functions to support various PDF, CDF, and Inverse-CDF of probability distributions.

  • New solver based on Benders decomposition to solve large-scale LPs with relatively small number of linking columns. MILPs whose integer variables appear only in linking columns can also be tackled with this solver.

  • Callable routine to identify (almost) lower triangular matrix structure.


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