With significant updates to all three components, Release 2.0 of the Solver Suite gives users a powerful and comprehensive set of tools for learning and applying mathematical optimization.

The Solver Suite bundles entry level versions of LINDO 6.0, LINGO 3.1 and What'sBest! 3.0 in a single package. The software in the Solver Suite has all of the features and functionality of our larger commercial versions, so users get valuable hands-on experience using the software already in use at over half the Fortune 500. The variety of applications allow you to learn more than just the basics of linear programming. It gives you the tools to also solve nonlinear models, build models in Excel, and experiment with using a modeling language.


Comprehensive User's Manuals that thoroughly explain the commands and features of each program and discuss dozens of real world based examples comes with the Solver Suite. Sample models are supplied to illustrate applications involving distribution, production and inventory planning, staff scheduling, capital budgeting, financial planning, portfolio optimization, and much more.

The bundled Solver Suite package provides an excellent introduction to LINDO Systems' line of products. Academic licenses restricted to educational instruction and research are available to students and educational institutions for a discounted price. Commercial licenses are also available. The price of the Solver Suite can be fully applied to the purchase of a larger capacity version of one of the individual packages. Instructors interested in evaluating the Solver Suite for classroom use should contact LINDO Systems.

Feel free to check out more information in our products pages, download a demonstration copy from our download page, or order a copy directly from our order page.

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