What'sBest! 3.0 is faster, includes a host of enhancements for modelers and developers, and supports a broader variety of systems.

It includes enhancements to the integer and linear solvers. Many models with integer restrictions that could not be solved in several hours can now be solved in a few minutes or less. The linear solver runs an average of 15 to 20% faster.

What'sBest! allows you to build optimization models that take full advantage of the three dimensional modeling capabilities of Excel. The ability to organize information over several tabbed sheets in a single workbook file can be especially useful for large models and models that involve multiple periods or locations.

Excel model developers building turn-key optimization applications have improved tools with which to work. A Visual Basic interface makes it easier for users to write applications that execute What'sBest! commands.

With Release 3.0, What'sBest! models are only limited by the number of adjustable cells and constraint equations. Adjustable dependent equations no longer count toward the variable and constraint limits, and models are no longer limited by the number of numeric cells.

Windows NT operating system support has been added, so What'sBest! supports all of the popular Windows platforms -- NT, 95, and 3.X. Mathematical calculations are performed as 32 bit operations on all three.

A number of other enhancements are included in this release of What'sBest!. A What'sBest! toolbar has been added to Excel for quick access to common commands. File handling has been streamlined. Reports are incorporated into the existing file rather than in separate files and the optimal solution is written directly to the original Excel sheet. Also, several design enhancements make it easier to install and run What'sBest! 3.0 in network environments.

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