Redesigned Interface and Callable DLL Top Enhancements

A Windows version of LINDO, featuring several major enhancements, is available. This release of LINDO makes it easier to model interactively and to plug the LINDO solver into your own applications.

LINDO 6.0's user interface has been completely redesigned to make it more intuitive and easier to use. The standard command line interface utilized by previous releases has been replaced with a graphical interface with familiar Windows features like drop-down menus, dialog boxes, and a tool bar for frequently used commands. For users that require it, the older command-oriented interface is still accessible through a special "Command Window" in LINDO 6.0.


The updated editor greatly simplifies entering, modifying and printing your model. It allows you to open multiple windows and it has standard features like search-and-replace and cut-and-paste. You can scroll through a solution report while viewing the model on the screen at the same time.

Developers will find it easier to hook LINDO's powerful solver engine into their optimization applications. LINDO 6.0 includes 16 and 32 bit callable DLL's that can be used with applications written in a wide variety of development environments. Developers can easily incorporate the LINDO solver into their applications written in C/C++, FORTRAN, and Visual Basic as well as developement tools such as Microsoft Access, Delphi and numerous others.

LINDO 6.0 includes features to view your models graphically. The user can display solution and parametric output graphically, as well as display a picture of the LP tableau.

Comprehensive help facilities are just a mouse click away. LINDO's on-line Help supplies extensive information on all of the program's commands and features.

LINDO 6.0 has been made much more efficient at reading models. Opening text models (TAKE format) is now several times faster than earlier releases.

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