What'sBest! 3.1 adds support of native Excel 97 files. It offers improved support of Visual Basic within Excel 97, and allows more flexibility in expressing and laying out models.

What'sBest! 3.1 models built in Excel 97 no longer have to be saved in the Excel 5/Office 95 format before solving. Developers can now take advantage of Excel 97's enhancements to Visual Basic. General users can put more information in each cell and utilize more rows when building models. The cell character limit has been increased from 255 characters to a whopping 32,000, and the row limitation has increased from 16,384 to 65,536. This release also includes enhancements that make working with What'sBest! named ranges easier.

For more information on the current release, see the product page. Feel free to download a trial version or order a copy today. Registered users of What'sBest! 3.0 can update to the new 3.1 at no charge. If you use What'sBest! 2.x or earlier, you can update your copy of What'sBest! to Release 3.1 for the standard update fee.

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