Improved Speed Tops List of Enhancements

What'sBest! 4.0 and LINGO 5.0 include a radically faster linear solver, an enhanced nonlinear solver, and increased capacity on linear models. They also include a number of improvements in usability.

The versions solve linear problems faster -- especially large models. The linear solver handles medium size models an average of 5 to 7 times faster. On large, sparse models, the speed up can be over 20 times faster. The improved nonlinear solver handles large models more efficiently and gives the user more control over the algorithm and search techniques. Users can select from three algorithmic options -- a Crash procedure, a Steepest Edge option, and a Sequential Linear Programming procedure. Nonlinear optimization is a separate option to the base packages of What'sBest! and LINGO, which include linear and integer capabilities.

The capacities of these releases have been increased. The Extended versions of What'sBest! and LINGO handle an unlimited number of variables and constraints (i.e., they are limited only by available memory). The variable and constraint limits on all other size versions have been at least doubled.


Visit our product pages for more information on the current versions of What'sBest! and LINGO. Limited capacity versions can also be downloaded from our download page or you can order a full blown version directly from our order page.

Additional What'sBest! enhancements:

Improved designation of Adjustable cells
-- What'sBest! no longer relies on Excel's cell locking feature to denote which cells are Adjustable. This allows model builders to unlock portions of their workbooks that What'sBest! will not treat as adjustable.

Locate violated constraints within the workbook
-- Users can investigate infeasible models more easily.

Inner Product function
-- What'sBest! has added a function to MS Excel to calculate the inner product of two ranges. The function makes it easier to express certain portfolio and blending problems.

Features for Visual Basic Developers
-- Users developing VBA applications that call What'sBest! have access to more routines. What'sBest! also includes features that allow developers to build better error handling capabilities into their applications.

Additional LINGO enhancements:

Improved specification of set member names
-- LINGO's modeling language allows users to include set members in their data sections along with set attribute values. This feature makes models easier to read and allows for complete data isolation within the model's data section.

Greater flexibility in the output of set member names
-- LINGO accommodates the exporting of set members to text files, Excel spreadsheets, and databases. Exporting set member names with solution information allows users to create more readable solution tables and reports.

DLL capabilities for application developers
-- The LINGO DLL offers a feature to call back a user supplied routine during the solution process. Developers can build applications that display LINGO's solution progress while optimizing and allow the user to interrupt the solution process.

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