Solve Problems Faster with What'sBest! 5.0 and LINGO 6.0

What'sBest! 5.0 and LINGO 6.0 contain an enhanced set of solvers that are substantially faster on broad classes of problems. These releases also contain an improved integer solver as well as a number of other enhancements.

Over Nine Times Faster on Large Models

What'sBest! and LINGO are available with three different state-of-the-art solvers for linear models. The user can select the solver best suited for a particular problem. The best average times for the three solvers in What'sBest! 5.0 are compared with What'sBest! 4.0 and What'sBest! 3.1 linear solvers in the table below (speed improvements for LINGO are similar):

Number of Constraints Faster than Release 4.0 Faster than
Release 3.1
250-10,000 2.5X 6.2X
10,000-25,000 3.7X 116X
25,000+ 9.2X 148X
Speed Improvements for What'sBest! 5.0 New Solvers

New Barrier Solver

One of the most significant enhancements in What'sBest! 5.0 and LINGO 6.0 is the addition of a Barrier solver. The Barrier solver, also known as an interior point solver, can provide exceptional speed on larger linear models -- particularly on sparse models with more than 5,000 constraints or highly degenerate models. Unlike the Simplex solvers that move along the exterior of the feasible region, the Barrier solver moves through the interior space to find the optimum. The Barrier solver is sold as a separate option to the base versions of What'sBest! and LINGO that includes the Primal and Dual Simplex solvers.

Faster Simplex Solvers

The speed and robustness of the Primal and Dual Simplex solvers have also been improved. The Dual Simplex solver can be invoked as an option on a linear model. The best average times for the What'sBest! 5.0 Simplex solvers are compared with What'sBest! 4.0 and What'sBest! 3.1 Simplex solvers in the table below:

Number of Constraints Faster than Release 4.0 Faster than Release 3.1
250-10,000 1.4X 3.9X
10,000-25,000 3.2X 55X
25,000+ 5.4X 87X
What'sBest! 5.0 Simplex Solver Speed Improvements


Improved Integer Solver

What'sBest! and LINGO include a probing option for integer programming models that examines the integer variables and deduces tighter variable bounds and right-hand side values. Also, users have the ability to specify different branching and cut generation strategies. Experimenting with these integer options can often dramatically increase solver speed on certain classes of models.

Increased Technical Control

Several user options have been added for tailoring the solution process on linear and nonlinear models. These include specifying pricing strategies, turning on or off model scaling, and adjusting a variety of internal solver tolerances.

Additional Enhancements:

What'sBest! 5.0:

Improved Usability

-- The user interface has been redesigned to make navigation easier. The User's Guide and online Help routines have undergone significant revision. What'sBest! also includes improved error handling.

Improved VGA Tools

-- Users who write applications that call and run What'sBest! can take advantage of Release 5.0's improved error handling within Visual Basic applications.

Enhanced Cell Location Facility

-- Users have the ability to locate adjustable, constrained and violated cells by worksheet or workbook.

European number formatting

-- What'sBest! 5.0 accepts and displays option settings according to European regional settings specifying numbers with comma as decimal separator and period as thousands separator.


Faster Model Generator

-- LINGO's internal model generator is up to 75% faster on set based models.

Matrix Picture Display

-- LINGO can display a graphical representation of a models coefficient matrix. This feature can be useful in debugging a model, determining specialized matrix structure, and for tracking down nonlinearities in a model.

Reads MPS Files

-- LINGO 6.0 has the ability to import and solve models in industry standard MPS format.


For more information on the latest releases of LINGO and What'sBest!, please see the product page. You can also download a demo version from our download page or order a full blown version directly from our order page.


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