After a comprehensive three year development effort focusing on improving speed and efficiency, LINDO Systems is proud to announce the Linear Programming (LP) solver in What'sBest! 4.0 and LINGO 5.0. The LP solver offers dramatic speed improvements particularly on large linear models (see the graph below).

The underlying Simplex solver has been completely re-engineered with a focus on improving speed and efficiency. Models with integer restrictions will take advantage of the faster underlying linear solver and have the added benefit of being able to utilize both the Primal and Dual Simplex algorithms.

This release offers expanded pricing options to include partial pricing and Devex. The solver dynamically chooses the best pricing option based upon problem characteristics.

Several improvements have been made to the linear solver's preprocessing routines. Enhanced scaling procedures have resulted in improving the solver's speed and robustness on numerically difficult models. Stronger reduction techniques can often improve the solution time by internally making the model to be solved smaller. This is especially true of What'sBest! where reductions of over an order of magnitude are not uncommon.

For more information on the current versions of What'sBest! or LINGO, please see the product page. Limited capacity versions can also be downloaded from our download page or order a full blown version directly from our order page.


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