Link the ease and flexibility of the MATLAB modeling and programming environment with the optimization power of the LINDO API (supported in the Windows x86 and Windows x64 versions only).


Key Benefits for LINDO API Users


Rapid Development

Using LINDO API and MATLAB, you can prototype and build optimization models and applications quickly and easily. MATLAB includes powerful tools for matrix manipulation, a high-level programming language, and a user-friendly modeling environment. These features can allow you to quickly create and manipulate models with a fraction of the coding required for lower level languages such as C++ or Visual Basic.


Key Benefits for MATLAB Users


Solve Large Scale Linear Problems

MATLAB users can access the power and robustness of the LINDO API optimizers to solve large scale linear programming problems. The suite of available LP solvers include Primal and Dual Simplex solvers as well as a Barrier/Interior Point solver. These same solvers have been field tested on large models by thousands of Operations Research professionals worldwide.


Solve Integer Optimization Models

MATLAB users can utilize an exceptionally fast integer solver. The integer solver includes a wide range of options that can allow you to tailor the solution strategy and cut application to particular problem structures.


Create Custom Algorithms

MATLAB users have low level access to the LINDO API's comprehensive set of powerful optimization routines. This can allow you to quickly create algorithms customized to your own needs.


Seamless Interface

The interface makes the LINDO API a MATLAB callable function. This makes calling the solver as easy as using MATLAB's native functions.


Documentation and Help

LINDO API provides all of the tools you will need to get up and running quickly. The LINDO API User Manual fully describes the calls and features of the program and includes sample M-files illustrating its use.

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