LINDO API comes with everything you need to get started quickly and easily.

The LINDO API User's Manual

This 450+ page manual provides complete information on all aspects of using the LINDO API package. The manual includes detailed definitions of all routines as well as a full tutorial, which walks you through building and solving your first application to analyzing the solution. The manual discusses examples of calling the API from a variety of development environments including Visual Basic, C++, C#.NET, VB.NET, VJava, and Delphi. It explains mixed-integer programs as well as quadratic programs and how to use callback functions and error handling in your applications. There is also an in depth discussion of the MATLAB interface as well as descriptions of the MPS and LINDO file formats.

Comprehensive Online Manual

An Acrobat pdf file of the LINDO API User Manual is included with the LINDO API software. This lets you conveniently access information on the fly. Not only are the entire contents of the LINDO API User Manual available at the click of your mouse, but the pdf file also contains up-to-date information on any enhancements added since the documentation went to press.

Friendly, Professional Support

For times when you need a little extra assistance, LINDO Systems offers our fast, friendly technical support. If you are having problems or questions regarding a particular feature of LINDO API, you can contact our knowledgeable support staff by phone, email or fax. If you are having problems with some aspect of your model, we can often get you pointed in the right direction. If you need more extensivers on site training on a fee basis or we can recommend some excellent consultants.


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