LINGO allows you to build and solve models interactively or embed the solver in another application.

Interactive Modeling

LINGO provides a complete environment in which to build and solve optimization problems interactively. The multi-windowing editor allows for easy problem entry, viewing, and modification. To aid in model creation, the "syntax aware" editor displays LINGO keywords in blue, comments in green, and all other model text in black. A toolbar is provided for fast access to frequently used commands. Solution information can be viewed in a window, graphed, or written to a spreadsheet, database or text file. While a model is solving, the user can monitor the status and has the option to interrupt the process.

Creating Turn-key Applications

Instead of running LINGO interactively, you may want to build a custom optimization application for use by a client or colleague. LINGO gives you a variety of options to incorporate its functionality into your own applications. Distribution of applications that call the LINGO solvers requires separate licensing. Contact LINDO Systems for more information.

Callable DLL and OLE Interfaces

You can seamlessly embed LINGO's functionality into your own applications using a Windows development environment such as C#.NET, VB.NET, Visual Java, Visual Basic, Visual C++, or Delphi. Your application can act as a user front-end for the optimization problem -- handling data entry and storage as well as preparing the information to be passed in memory to LINGO. It could also be set up to display the solution and produce customized reports for the user. LINGO includes both a callable DLL and OLE interfaces, which give you access to all of the features and commands available interactively.

Calling LINGO from a Spreadsheet or Database

You can even build a simple application, which can be run directly from a spreadsheet such as Excel or a database such as Access. It can be as easy as creating your own "Solve" button to call LINGO and run a series of specified commands.

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