You can provide easy to use optimization applications in the spreadsheet form for managers and more experienced spreadsheet users or as turn-key applications for less sophisticated users.


Solutions in a Familiar and Friendly Environment

What'sBest! allows you to provide solutions in an environment that is entirely comfortable for the average business person. Excel is the most popular modeling tool in use today, and millions of people are at ease navigating their way through spreadsheets full of data and formulas. With What'sBest!, you can build an optimization model in Excel that business people can not only use, but understand. The more the user understands and trusts the application, the more likely it is to be implemented and used effectively.


Create Custom Applications

In some instances, you need a more protected environment than an ordinary spreasheet can provide. What'sBest! allows you to easily build full fledged applications that guard against accidentally deleting or overwriting critical data and formulas. It can also allow you to hide your formulation and any proprietary information from the user. What'sBest! includes a full Visual Basic interface that allows you to run What'sBest! commands from an Excel Macro. Using Visual Basic, you can build a sleek, seamless interface to your optimization applications that can include customized input screens and tailored reports.

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