Release 13 of LINDO API includes a wide range of performance enhancements and new features.

Order of Magnitude Faster on Long Skinny LPs

Enhancements to the Simplex Solvers allow significantly faster solution of linear models with many times more variables than constraints.

Faster When Simultaneously Solving an LP Using Different Solvers

An improved feature allows users to concurrently run the Primal Simplex, Dual Simplex, and Barrier solver each on a separate core. This ensures the solution in the shortest time regardless of which solver is fastest.

Integer Solver Improvements

Better performance on many integer models has been achieved through improved selection of default settings for cut generation and solution heuristics.

Enhancements to the Quadratic/Conic Solvers

Models with ex and xk terms are solved faster -- so called Barrier Solver exponential and power cones.

New Parameter Tuning Tool

The Parameter Tuning Tool helps determine the best parameter configurations for all model types (LP, MIP, NLP, and Stochastic) by performing several runs on a given set of models. Users can preselect the paraments to be adjusted or let LINDO API select them.

Added Support for Multiple Objective Optimization

For linear models, users can provide a prioritized list of objective functions, and LINDO API will perform Lexico/Pre-emptive priority optimization.

Numerous Global Solver Enhancements

  • Improved recognition and exploitation of convexity of various composite functions.
  • Improved performance for models with convex-concave functions.
  • Models with ratio/fractional objective, including MIP, solve an order of magnitude faster.
  • Substantial speed improvements on Non-convex Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programs.


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