Announcing  LINDO API 15 (Application Program Interface)


   LINDO API 15 is now shipping. You can download a trial version of LINDO API 15 from the LINDO Downloads page. LINDO API is a callable optimization library. It has  substantial improvements to all components of the library, the LP/MIP solvers, Global optimizer, Nonlinear solver, and has greatly enhanced support for external MIP solvers. Most popular MIP solvers can now be plugged in with a simple command.  LINDO API 15  is available on all major platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS, ARM, Android.



      +  Improved reproducibility when solving a problem repeatedly, particularly with the concurrent option choosing the fastest of Barrier, Primal simplex, and dual simplex. This is useful if you are trying to debug your application.

      + Global solver, improved handling of IF statements and polynomials. 

          Recognizes the CENSOR( x, LB, UB) construct which is the simplest form of an 

          S-curve function such as might be found in neural networks. 

          Recognizes the POLYNOMIAL construct to 

          better exploit( e.g., local convexity) univariate polynomials.

      + Improved Multi-start for quickly finding good solutions to difficult nonconvex problems,

      + Increased support for external solvers, including linear solvers such as COPT, CLP, HIGHS,

      + Improved support for some external Nonlinear solvers. 

Download the free trial version and check the documentation in the \doc directory to see how to connect to your favorite solver. Note, you must have a valid license to the external solver.

















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